We investigate important questions at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medical research, employing a combination of analytical chemistry, electrochemical methods, spectroscopic imaging, as well as state-of-the-art experimental approaches in molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. The monitoring of the metabolic dynamics of clinically relevant bacteria, virulence mechanisms, and biomarkers related to human health is a fundamental scientific problem especially in tailoring effective diagnostic and treatment strategies. 

Electrochemical sensors for monitoring of dynamic responses of stress biomarkers

Our goal is to develop effective electrochemical sensors for fast detection, in situ quantification, and continuous monitoring of stress biomarkers.

Direct electrochemical study of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria

The increased use of antibiotic agents in human medicine has developed antibiotic resistance into a global problem. We systematically investigate the antibiotic resistance mechanisms in pathogenic bacteria by using electroanalytical measurements.

Electron transfer mechanisms of pathogenic gut-based bacteria

The gut microbiota plays a role of human health and disease. This project aims to investigate electron transfer mechanisms and electrogenic pathways in gut bacteria.